This Is How Photography Changed My Life And I Hope It Will Change Yours Too

You probably have a few pictures of yourself and a few pictures of your family too that you absolutely adore. Every time you look at those pictures you can remember exactly what you felt in all of those moments. Maybe you like those pictures because you felt so joyful in those moments or you just think you look pretty darn good in that picture. Photography is an amazing thing that allows us not to just capture moments but, to freeze all of the emotions associated with those moments in time.

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” never fully made sense to me until I started taking photographs on my own. I couldn’t bring myself to understand the idea that a visual form of art could have more meaning than a paragraph that described the same scene in great detail. I understood the concept that people can interpret the meaning of a picture in more ways than a paragraph that described that same scene but, it made so much more sense to me after I discovered my passion for taking pictures to share with others.

I first discovered my passion for photography at a summer camp during elementary school while I was taking a photography class. In this class we had to take a bunch of pictures with a partner and I was paired with this nice kid named Eric. We hit it off and became good friends over the course of the week and I remember looking back at the pictures that we had taken during that class later that summer and I remembered all of the emotions and just how much fun I had with Eric during the week. This is when I fell in love with the idea of photography.